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The Law Office of Griffin D. Vance, PC is a general practice firm prepared to assist clients with a myriad of projects and issues they may face.  


Whether a client wants to establish a new business or is seeking advice concerning an existing business, we can help. We counsel new businesses in selecting the most appropriate legal structure reflecting their specific objectives and work with them in the formation of their corporations, limited liability companies, general, limited partnerships and other entities. 

The firm is also available to counsel existing businesses in a wide variety of corporate affairs. Our counseling includes advice concerning holding shareholder meetings and preparing voting agreements, on-going governance matters that are presented to the company's board of directors or managers and other legal formalities required to maintain and preserve the integrity of the organization and manage exposure to liability by officers, directors and shareholders. Moreover, we work closely with owners and senior management to achieve client objectives concerning a wide variety of questions or issues they may face such as:

•  Buying/selling a business or business assets
•  Structuring or renegotiating credit facilities
•  Licensing, acquiring or selling intellectual property
•  Confidentiality, nondisclosure and non-compete agreements
•  Employment, contractor and consulting agreements
•  Termination, severance, compromise and retirement agreements
•  Company policy drafting and policy review
•  Review and preparation of company handbooks


The firm provides representation for individuals and businesses across a spectrum of real estate matters. We can help clients navigate through legal and practical considerations including choice of a legal entity in connection with acquisitions and investments, compliance with due diligence requirements, negotiation and drafting of financing arrangements and development of negotiation strategies. The firm can help clients timely and efficiently structure, negotiate and consummate agreements, instruments and other documents involving:

•  Complex transactions involving commercial or investment property
•  Purchase and sale of development sites, commercial property and shopping centers.
•  Easements, covenants, conditions and restrictions on use of property
•  Commercial leases, lease assignments and related matters
•  Lease termination and work out agreements (Commercial and Residential)
•  Property management agreements
•  Eviction and Holdovers


The firm recognizes that intellectual property rights (IP) are often some of the most important assets held by its clients. We consult with businesses and individuals in determining if and when they can apply for IP registrations and statutory protections. Although the firm generally limits its IP practice to trademark, copyright, trade dress and trade secret matters, we can assist clients in understanding the rules of use and help establish best-practices and risk mitigation procedures for the protection of their IP assets. The firm provides copyright and trademark research, preparation, filing and registration services. We also offer counsel in litigation avoidance concerning the IP rights of others.  The firm is available for consultation on drafting, reviewing or preparing IP license agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, trade secret agreements and establishing and enforcing related company policies and procedures. We advise clients on trade secret and proprietary information matters, including employment and consulting agreements and joint ventures.


The firm helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, advertisers, web developers, exhibitors and distributors address the unique challenges and problems they face when dealing with creative works. As with other businesses, we can assist in selecting the most appropriate legal structure reflecting specific objectives of each client and work with them in the formation of their corporations, limited liability companies, general, limited partnerships and other entities. We counsel clients on capital structure, debt and equity financing and other important matters affecting their business organizations. Since copyrights and trademarks form the core of media and entertainment transactions, the firm works with clients to procure their copyright and trademark rights and to protect those assets. The firm works closely with its clients across all stages of development and exploitation of creative works.


There are circumstances when litigation and other means of claims resolution (including arbitration) are required to protect client interests.  This firm has a track record of tenacious advocacy.  We believe in the value of aggressive, earnest litigation on behalf of clients.  This firm accepts cases in the following areas:

•  Breach of Contract
•  Commercial Disputes
•  Construction/Repair Defects
•  Debt, Credit and Collection
•  Deceptive Trade Practice


Griffin Vance is a trained mediator who can assist parties in resolving their disputes.  He has helped  individuals, attorneys, businesses, insurance companies and others achieve negotiated settlements with certainty and confidence.  Mr. Vance is a member of the and holds a credentialed designation with that organization.  



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